“Amazing Bird”


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A member of The Mavericks, a contemporary quilt group, Margit Kagere lives in Carefree and has exhibited at both local and international quilt shows. “I was introduced to the world of quilting and fiber art when I relocated from Germany to the United States. As a math teacher I have been attracted to the geometric patterns in traditional quilt making. Right from the beginning, I created my own contemporary designs. My education in mathematics still figures throughout my work. The way I arrange the blocks and shapes has to do with the clear structure of geometry. A major aspect of my quilts is the use of bright and brilliant colors. Most of the ideas for my work have been derived from the surrounding environment: the four seasons in New England, the rock formations in Arizona, and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.”

fiber artwork

Size: 10″ x 10″

Item: A102

Artist: Margit Kagerer