Collections Corner – Lovell – Six Directional Fetish Set


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Out of stock

Artist: Jayne Quam

Culture: Navajo

Description: Six directional fetish set that has a large jet mole with an amber mountain lion, turquoise bear, Picasso marble eagle, pipestone badger and alabaster wolf tied on its back. Other stones and shells also attached on top. From the magical and mysterious Zuni Pueblo comes this Zuni Universe six directional fetish featuring a bear, wolf, mountain lion, mole (this is the jet base of this carving), eagle and badger. The Zuni Universe is divided into six directions, East, West, North, South, underground and sky. Each direction is protected by and associated with a specific animal, East-wolf, West-bear, North-mountain lion, South-badger, underground-mole and sky-eagle. This directional carving is representative of that Universe.

Size: 2.25in long x 2in wide

Item: L.F-13