Tributes, Honorariums & Memorials

Honor a loved one with a personal tribute in the gardens of Tohono Chul.

Thanks for showing interest in learning more about Tributes, Honorariums, and Memorials at Tohono Chul. These types of gifts are special for many reasons and are usually made to honor someone who had a love for our beautiful garden and its mission.

Below, you can download an additional document that better outlines the three ways to honor those near and dear to your heart: Outdoor Living Garden Windchime, Pincushion Ramada Plaque, or Donate a Plant. Not only will we acknowledge your gift, but we’d like to notify and acknowledge your generosity to the person being honored or their family.

Outdoor Living Garden Windchime
Pincushion Ramada Plaque
Donate a Plant

If you’re interested in one of the three opportunities, please send us the following information:

  1. The first and last names of those making the gift.
  2. The first and last names of those being honored.
  3. Out of the three options, how would you like to honor them?
  4. Will you be mailing a check or paying for your gift on our website?
  5. Depending on the gift, what text would you like displayed on the plaque or windchime?
  6. Would you like us to notify the person being honored or their family? If so, what is their first and last name, and address?

Click here to download more information.

As you consider your options, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at (520) 742-6455 x 261 or email Philanthropy Manager Frank Vidal at