Bloom Night @ home

We know the live stream cannot compare to magic and beauty of seeing the mass bloom in person, but we are making the most of it by helping you host a terrific Tucson-centric evening with curated fun.

Thanks to everyone that tuned into our live stream and the first-ever
Virtual Bloom Night on June 5, 2020.

Below is the timelapse in case you missed it or would like to watch it again!

Enjoy some photos of the blooms during Virtual Bloom Night

Make A Night Of It

Set The Mood with KXCI

A special thank you to KXCI for putting together this Tucson-only playlist in honor of keeping it local for Virtual Bloom Night!

Meet Your Maker – Bridgitte Thum 

As a stand-up comedian about town, a Morning Music Mix DJ (Wednesdays 10am till noon), and in her role as producer/host of the Lonely Hearts Club podcast, Bridgitte paints all her creative endeavors with equal amounts of darkness and whimsy.

KXCI is a diverse, independent, and community-based radio station serving Tucson and Southern Arizona. Founded in 1983, KXCI is committed to connecting the communities of Tucson and Southern Arizona to each other – and the world – with informative, engaging, and creative community-based programming. More than 35,000 listeners tune in to the station each week over the air and online. KXCI plays music from all genres and eras, as well as informative, locally-produced mini-programs, provided by 70+ volunteer DJs and on-air hosts.

Make Some Drinks with Ampersand & Ampersand

Stephen and Dale Ott are a husband-and-wife team with over 25 years of experience in the beverage industry between them. Both grew through the ranks, going from bartender to bar manager to company buyer, both have worked

on-premise and off-premise distribution, and both are CMS certified sommeliers. Dale has also been a spirits specialist for a boutique distributor, a producer, a nightclub general manager, and brand manager for a whiskey company. Stephen, a Certified Specialist of both wine and spirits through The Society of Wine Educators, has also been a whiskey distiller.

Watch The Step-by-Step Tutorial!

Did You Know You Can Purchase Cocktail Kits From Westbound & Have Them Delivered?

A special thank you to Ampersand & Ampersand for designing these fun summer drinks using local products in honor of Her Majesty.

Tinto Tonicó

click on image to enlarge

Strip & Go Naked

click on image to enlarge


We will be using the tools of our trade to provide you with the knowledge of the ideal situation to produce the best results in this lesson, but also realize many of you may not have these items around at home! The list below outlines what you can substitute if you find yourself lacking any of the optional equipment:

Jigger – 2 ounce shot glass
Kitchen Scale – your eyeballs
Mixing Glass and Barspoon – pint glass and regular spoon
Double Strainer – nothing (Catches the citrus pulp and seeds for a silkier texture. You are welcome to enjoy your cocktail with pulp.)​

Tinto Tonicó


  • 4 oz Sand-Reconer “R”
  • 3 dashes Angostura
  • tonic water

Directions –

Build all in stemmed glass over ice

Garnish with lemon zest if desired

Strip & Go Naked


  • 1.5 oz Distilling Mission Vodka
  • .75 oz lemon juice
  • .5 oz Grenadine
  • Dragoon Santa Cruz’r Golden Ale

Directions –

Shake the first 3 with ice and strain

Serve over ice in a hurricane glass

Top with Santa Cruz’r

Garnish with lemon half wheel and cherry if desired

Get Some Local Bites

We know there are many local restaurants in the Tucson area offering take-out, but below are just a few. There is no wrong answer on which one to choose (even if they aren’t listed), just be sure to support eating local!

Like these restaurants? Support them and Sonoran Restaurant Week with cool dining specials for a cause which starts again this fall!

Sonoran Restaurant Week is a 10-day celebration of Southern Arizona dining. Enjoy incredible 3-course meals from a variety of local participating restaurants. What’s even better? Your participation helps support the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, providing food assistance to thousands of your neighbors across the region.

Please note Sonoran Restaurant Week has ended and we are promoting the restaurants because they offer take-out and they are local. Check back this fall for program availability.

Learn More About Her Majesty

The week of June 8 we are featuring The Queen herself for our Tohono Chul @ home Content Series! Enjoy a full week of learning all about the Queen of the Night, seeing local artists’ work inspired by it, fun activities, educational videos, giveaways, and more!