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Tohono Chul is a unique urban desert garden with nature trails and cultural programs. In the 1980s, the Wilsons established Tohono Chul, a 37-acre parcel of land, to protect and preserve a piece of the Sonoran Desert, and donated 65 pieces from Suzanne Colton Wilson’s collection to establish Tohono Chul’s Permanent Collection. Today, we have grown to 49 acres with a collection of over 350 objects.

Over the years, unique vintage objects from five collections have been gifted but not accessioned into the Tohono Chul Permanent Collection and are now available for purchase. The Collections Corner helps support the gardens, galleries, and programs with 100% of each sale going directly to Tohono Chul. The Collections Corner offers a rare opportunity to acquire museum-quality artwork, jewelry, and objects.

The Elinor Lamont Hallowell Collection of Patriotic Native American Art

In United States history, the American flag has been infused with a great many ideologies, serving as a medium for solidarity, personal expression and social commentary. Through a variety of patriotic Native American artworks donated to Tohono Chul by Elinor Lamont Hallowell, these pieces provided a unique view of the American flag and the inextricable nature of symbolism and the human experience.

Mrs. Hallowell participated in several of Tohono Chul’s travel Ed-ventures, visiting locations throughout Arizona and New Mexico. What began as a casual interest soon developed into a passionate pursuit. This diverse collection, exhibited at Tohono Chul in 2014, includes works created by Sioux, Navajo, Iroquois and other Native American artisans, all of whose motivation has sprung from different experiences and events in American history.

Lidded Makah Basket

Lidded basket with United States flag design by Unknown Makah Artist

Beaded Pouch

Beaded pouch with United States flag, eagle and flower designs by Unknown Cree Artist

Ride to Live – Live to Ride

Carved and painted wooden Navajo woman riding a motorcycle by Navajo artist Delbert Buck

Flag Messenger

Mild steel feather on a triangular base, painted with United States flag motif by Hopi artist Bryson Nequatewa

Child’s Beaded Vest, 1890

Pictorial, fully beaded, buckskin vest by Unknown Sioux Artist

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Teepee Ornament

Carved and painted teepee with stars and stripes by Unknown Navajo Artist

Beaded Moccasins

Beaded white deer skin moccasins by Unknown Cheyenne Artist


Eagle Claw Pipe, Stem & Tamper

Pipestone carved eagle claw pipe with wood carved stem by Oglala Lakota artist Alan Monroe

Beaded Whimsy with Flags, Eagle, and Flower Designs

Spade shaped stuffed whimsy with beaded eagle holding two United States flags with a flower above made from turquoise colored beads by Unknown Iroquois Artist

United States Flag Steer Skull

Patriotic steer by Apache artist I.M.R. Arkadie

Pictorial Beaded Holster

Fringed leather holster with pictorial bead work by Unknown Sioux Artist

Pair of Beaded Child’s Cuffs

Cuffs with snap closure by Unknown Plateau Artist

United States Flag Belt Buckle

Silver belt buckle with inset beaded United States flag by Navajo artist Timothy Tsosie

Eagle and Flag Hair Barrette

Beaded hair barrette depicting an eagle head against a United States flag by Navajo artist Jayne White

Beaded Bag with Stars and Stripes Design

White deer skin rectangular beaded bag by Blackfeet artist Danelle Valandra

Star Shaped Whimsy with an Eagle and Flags

Six-pointed star pin cushion whimsy filled with sawdust by Unknown Iroquois Artist

Beaded Pouch

Beaded pouch with United States flag, eagle and flower designs by Unknown Cree Artist

Geronimo Doll with Flag Wrap

Geronimo figure by Dine (Navajo) / Filipino artist Rita Iringan

Geronimo Doll with Flag and Toy Gun

Geronimo figure Dine (Navajo) / Filipino artist Rita Iringan

Eagle Dancer

Cherokee Eagle Dancer with an American flag by Cherokee artist Jesse T. Hummingbird


The David and Lura Lovell Collection

After selling their profitable companies, David and Lura Lovell established a family foundation to help support the mental health industry based on the decades of work Lura has done on behalf of their son and others. The foundation was a lifelong dream of the Lovell’s and continues today to invest in non-profit organizations that support people and programs that empower lives, provide opportunities, improve conditions, and advance community.

Lura also had a love and appreciation of the Desert Southwest and the artwork created here. Since 1989, she has collected over 100 pieces of contemporary Native American and Mexican artwork. She had a great love and appreciation for the art and gardens of Tohono Chul, so much so that several of the outdoor spaces at her home were inspired by the gardens of Tohono Chul. When she passed in 2013, her art collection was donated to Tohono Chul.

Hopi Wicker Plaque with Pinwheel Designs

Hopi wicker plaque from the third mesa with a pinwheel design and multicolored center by Unknown Hopi Artist

Star and Lightning Jar

Rose on brown oval jar with sgraffito star and lightning design by Santa Clara/ Taos artist Polly Rose Folwell

Dolomite Ram Fetish

Dolomite ram with blue eyes and petroglyph like symbols carved on its body by Zuni artist Ulysses Mahkee

Cochiti Storyteller

Cochiti polychrome on buff storyteller with twenty-one children all around her. by Cochiti artist Vangie Suina

Hopi Wicker Plaque with Rainbow Design

Wicker plaque from the third mesa in a rainbow design by Unknown Hopi Artist

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Ceramic Nativity Scene

Santa Clara blackware nativity scene that includes nine figures by Santa Clara artist Linda Askan

Hopi Wicker Plaque with Star

Hopi wicker plaque from the third mesa with 5-point star design by Unknown Hopi Artist

Gallup Squares

Three gallup squares in various designs and colors by Unknown Navajo Artist

Hopi Wicker Plaque with Whirlwind Design

Hopi wicker plaque from the third mesa with whirlwind design by Unknown Hopi Artist

Hopi Red Jar

Red polished jar by Hopi artist Alton Komalestewa

Hopi Miniature Corn Jar

Miniature Hopi polished buff jar with a corn applique on one side by Hopi-Tewa artist Iris Nampeyo

Black Polished Santa Clara Bowl

Santa Clara black polished bowl with oval indents above shoulder by Santa Clara artist Tina Garcia

Hopi Coiled Bowl with Antelope Designs

Hopi coiled bowl with antelope designs in orange and brown by Hopi artist Pearl Coochwytewa

Hopi Wicker Plaque with Star and Cloud Design

Hopi wicker plaque from the third mesa with 4-point star design by Unknown Hopi Artist


The Agnes T. and Don L. Smith Collection

Agnes Smith and her husband Don had a fondness for the native cultures of the Southwest, frequently traveling and purchasing objects for their collection. Mrs. Smith had warm feelings for Tohono Chul and wanted to share her collection so that our visitors might appreciate and enjoy these fine Native American crafts as she did.

A majority of the Smith Collection has been accessioned into our Permanent Collection and the remaining are now available for purchase. Included in this collection are fine examples of Native American basketry, pottery and Navajo weavings.

Quinault Basket with Beads

Basket with maroon, turquoise and cream beads by Unknown Quinault Artist

Lidded Ojibwa Birchbark Container

Lidded birchbark container by Algonquin artist Rogan

Lidded Wolf Design Basket

Wolf head design on basket in green and red with sun design on the lid by Unknown Quinault Artist

Carved Spoon

Carved spoon with mother of pearl inlay on edge, circa 1900 by Unknown Tlingit Artist

Remnant of a Navajo rug with a white background and two serrated red diamonds by Unknown Navajo Artist

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Small Nootka Lidded Basket

Small, lidded basket with wave design by Unknown Nootka Artist

Twined Basket with Whale Tooth Design

Basket with flaring sides and whale tooth design by Unknown Quinault Artist

Basket with Brown and Ivory Design

Ivory and brown twined open weave basket with lid by Unknown Quinault Artist

Basket with Wave Design

Spruce root, maiden hair fern and grass basket with two repetitive horizontal bands in red and brown circle the body by Unknown Tlingit Artist

Basket with Wolftooth Design

Round basket with slightly flared sides featuring four wolftooth design by Unknown Quinault Artist

Coiled Basket with Imbricate Overlay

Coiled basket with an imbricated overlay and tree of life design by Unknown Artist

Beaded Knife Sheath

Buck-skin knife sheath with bead work Unknown Artist

Basket with Snake Design

Round basket with flaring sides and four band snake design by Unknown Quinault Artist

Twined Basket

Closed weave with black zig-zag bands by Unknown Yurok Artist

Basket with Netting Design

Coiled Bowl with black netting design by Unknown Yurok Artist

Vase-Shaped Basket

Vase-shaped basket with two dark saw-like designs by Unknown Great Basin or Philippine Artist

Geometric Design Basket with Lid

Straight-sided basket with close fitting cover by Unknown Philippine Artist

Black and Red Geometric Design Bowl

Geometric design in black and red by Unknown Casas Grandes Reproduction Artist

Basket with Lavender and Beige Design

Small basket flaring out from rounded base with lavender tracks or lavender and beige design by Unknown Quinault Artist

Small Seed basket

Small plain twined basket with slightly flaring sides by Unknown Klamath Artist


Roland and Lila Wadsworth Bolo Tie Collection

After serving in WWII, Roland “Bob” Wadsworth graduated with a civil engineering degree and moved the Phoenix and with two other engineers. Together, they founded the Engineering Corporation and Roland served as chief engineer for numerous projects on the Navajo Reservation and became an admirer and friend of many talented artists and craftsmen. His fascination with beautiful bolo ties began when he purchased his first and determined to never wear an ordinary tie again.

By 1977, Roland’s bolo tie collection amassed to 82 exquisite bolos designed in silver with inlays of coral, mother of pearl, malachite, lapis, sugilite, and turquoise. This gift to Tohono Chul follows Roland and Lila’s generous gift of African artist Kioko Mwitiki’s Horse, a life size reclaimed metal sculpture that is permanently installed in Tohono Chul’s Cactus Circle.

Inlaid Ram Bolo Tie

Silver ram with inlayed arrow inlaid at the BJ Mudd workshop

Helen Long Style Bolo Tie

Silver and turquoise Helen Long Style bolo with silver tips

Drum Design Bolo Tie

Drum design in silver and turquoise by Zuni artist Eddie Beyuka

Morenci Turquoise Bolo Tie

Silver and Morenci turquoise bolo with silver tips

Zuni Knifewing Dancer Bolo Tie

Silver and turquoise Knifewing Dancer bolo with silver tips by Unknown Zuni Artist

To see more pieces from the Wadsworth Collection, click below:

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On one side of the bolo has turquoise with a silver leaf and the other side has coral with silver designs by Navajo artist Ramon Platero

Turquoise Bolo Tie with Matching Ring

The bolo, tips and ring have silver leaves surrounding a piece of turquoise

Flying Eagle Bolo Tie

Inlayed flying eagle by Zuni artists Raul Peyketewa and Bernice Leekity

Navajo dancer pendant made with sterling silver, 14K gold and coral by Navajo artist Leonard Jim

Eagle Bolo Tie

Eagle design bolo tie with eagle head tips by Zuni artists Ray and Bernice Wyaco

Cluster Style Bolo Tie

Coral, turquoise, and silver cluster style bolo tie.

Hoop Dancer Bolo Tie

Hoop dancer with four rings and silver tips by Zuni artist Eddie Beyuka

Hawk Bolo Tie

Perched hawk bolo tie with hawk head tips by Zuni artist Porfilio Sheyka

Mountain Lion Bolo Tie

Growling mountain lion bolo tie with claw and paw tips by Zuni artists Ray and Bernice Wyaco

Plains Indian Style Dancer Bolo Tie

Plains Indian Style Dancer Bolo Tie by Zuni artist Lavonne Lalio

Inlay and Needlepoint Sunface Bolo Tie

By Zuni artists Benjy and Shirley Tzuni

Shalako Bolo Tie

Shalako style bolo tie with silver tips by Zuni artist Vera Luna

Sitting Mountain Lion Bolo Tie

Inlayed sitting mountain lion by Zuni artists Ray and Eva Wyaco

Coral Bolo Tie

Silver and coral oval cluster bolo tie with silver tips by Navajo artist S. Chavez

Zuni Eagle Dancer Bolo Tie

Inlayed Zuni Eagle Dancer by Zuni artist L Harker


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