Retail Greenhouse

The mission of Tohono Chul’s Propagation Greenhouse is to grow and sell appropriate southwest and arid-adapted plants that promote water conservation and support wildlife, especially native pollinators, and to provide accurate information on the care and use of these plants in the landscape.

The Retail Greenhouse is open year-round and is staffed with plant experts that will be able to help you find the right plants for your Tucson landscaping.

Most plants are grown from seeds. We collect seeds from plants growing throughout the gardens. We buy seeds from professional native seed collectors. This year we have added a space for growing cuttings to enable us to propagate hard-to-come-by and specialty plants. This summer we will have cuttings available from the butterfly-swarming, attention-grabbing Agertum corybosum plant in the Demonstration Garden.

The Fall & Spring Plant Sales are an extravaganza of interesting and unique plants not found at the national chains.

What’s the difference between a garden and a Botanical Garden?

A garden is for pure enjoyment, while a Botanical Garden has a scientific and/or educational purpose. To that end, our propagation area and Retail Greenhouse promote Tohono Chul’s mission of being wise land stewards by providing Tucson residents with plants propagated especially for Tucson.

Tucson’s unique climate differs vastly from the rest of the country. Residents expect flowers and greenery year-round and wrestle with high water bills. Tohono Chul propagates plants that are arid-adapted (low water use) and cold-hardy (will withstand a certain amount of freeze), but also provide beauty and color to your landscape.

Please join us in helping make Tucson beautiful year-round, while conserving our water resources. Future generations will thank you.

Butterfly Garden Tip: Include butterfly larval food plants in your garden, along with nectar flowers. Both are essential for the survival of butterflies.

Larval host plants include:

  • Senna/Cassia (Sulfurs)
  • Asclepias sp. (Monarchs & Queens)
  • Passiflora sp. (Gulf Fitillary)
  • Aristolochia sp. (Pipevine Swallowtail)
  • Phyla nodiflora (buckeye, Phaon Crescent)