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November 16 – February 5, 2024
Deadline for entries: Sunday, October 8

THE EXOTIC SUBLIME on a wing will present a contemporary bestiary focused on the many creatures that take to the air in the Sonoran Desert. In plain sight or elusive, real and imagined creatures are ever-present, existing, threatened, mysterious, endangered, mystical, and magical. Or extinct. Mammalian, insect, and avian worlds fly, float, soar, hover, flap, and flutter around us; resilient lifecycles adaptably ever-changing. Or not. We witness – in macrocosm or microcosm – the effects of time in slow dissolution or methodical accretion; cautionary and symbiotic tales combine what this place used to be with what this place will become. The voice in between, the creative and artistic resolve, is a visionary current toward the odd and wondrous grandeur of The Exotic Sublime.

Addressing our role in this Anthropocene epoch and the human-caused impact upon our immediate environment, this series of exhibitions will shed new light on climate change, threatened and endangered species, habitat loss/degradation/fragmentation, invasive exotic species, migratory paths, water diversion/scarcity, etc.

Artists from the region are encouraged to submit 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works in any media for consideration – video and creative writing submissions are welcome.

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Image: clockwise from upper left (details):
Nancy Chilton, Christopher Allison, Fiona Lovelock, and David Lash

Entry Gallery Project Space

2023-2024 Exhibition Season

To increase the visibility of Arizona artists, Tohono Chul requested proposals for solo, collaborative, and group exhibitions in the ENTRY GALLERY PROJECT SPACE.

The 2023 – 2024 Exhibition Season will see five PROJECT SPACE slots:

Sharon Holnback (Oracle, AZ) | August 5 – September 10

Amber Stene (Tucson, AZ) | September 16 – October 22 – ON DISPLAY NOW

Heather Bentz (Tucson, AZ) | October 28 – December 3

Kate Hoover (Tucson, AZ) | December 9 – January 14

David Adix (Tucson, AZ) | January 20 – February 25

The mission of Tohono Chul is to enrich people’s lives by connecting them with the wonders of nature, art, and culture of the Sonoran Desert region and inspiring wise stewardship of the natural world. For the past 30 years Tohono Chul’s Exhibits Program has provided regional artists unique opportunities to exhibit their artwork in a broad range of thematic exhibitions. 

Image: clockwise from top center (cropped):
Sharon Holnback, Amber Stene, Heather Bentz, David Adix, Kate Hoover

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