Chillin at the Chul

Last chance to come see us at Chillin at the Chul!
Join us Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 9 pm through September 2 for music, refreshing spirits, and light bites!

Estamos muy contentos de anunciar el regreso de nuestra exitosa serie de verano Chillin at the Chul (Descanso en el Chul). Visítanos los viernes y sábados de 5 pm a 9 pm, desde el 26 de mayo hasta el 2 de septiembre, para disfrutar de música, bebidas refrescantes y refrigerios.


You can literally chill down in the gardens in the shade of mature trees that contribute to a cooling 10° difference in temperature. Saturdays are family-friendly as we’ve partnered with the Children’s Museum Oro Valley to provide nature-based play to keep kids entertained!

Puedes descansar —literalmente— en los jardines a la sombra de árboles añejos, donde la diferencia térmica es de diez grados, lo que ayudará a refrescarte. Los sábados son ideales para las familias, dado que nos asociamos con el Children’s Museum of Oro Valley (Museo Infantil de Oro Valley) para ofrecer juegos en la naturaleza donde los niños podrán entretenerse mientras los padres se relajan.

Garden Bistro Menu

Bites –

Chul Sonoran Hot Dog | $7
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, Charro Beans, Pico de Gallo, Mustard, Avocado Mayo, and Jalapeño Sauce served on a soft Sonoran-Style Roll

Green Chile and Cheese Quesadilla | $8
Add Red Chile Chicken, Al Pastor Pork or Calabacitas for $4

Petite Sonoran Beet Salad | $11
Arugula, Pickled Beets, Strawberries, Chile Dusted Pecans, Queso Fresco, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Kid’s Hot Dog | $7
Hot Dog Served With Watermelon Wedge

Chillin’ Street Taco | $6
Served with salsa and corn or flour tortilla. Choose from the options below.
• Red Chile Chicken
Shredded Chicken, Poblano Crema, Pickled Jalapeños
• Al Pastor
Shredded Chile Peppers and Pineapple Marinated Pork, Sliced Radish, Pickled Jalapeños

Calabacitas, Dried Sweet Corn, Pickled Jalapeños

Soft Pretzel | $5
Freshly baked salted soft pretzel with mustard cheese sauce

Fresh Fruit & Berries with Tajin | $6

Cinnamon Churro with Chocolate Sauce | $6

Spirits –

Chillin Chul | $13
Bacardi Superior Rum, Meyers’s Dark, Pineapple, Orange, Guava, Bitters

Prickly Pear Margarita or Mimosa | $12

Red or White Wine | $10

12 oz Local Beers | $7

16 oz Local Beers | $10

Hard Seltzer | $7

Non-Alcoholic Drinks –

Prickly Pear Lemonade | $6

Assorted Sodas | $4

Bottled Water | $4

Prickly Pear Mimosa | $7
Orange Juice and Prickly Pear Juice

Kid’s Cactus Cooler | $5
Ginger Ale and Grenadine

Entertainment Schedule

Enjoy our staff-curated playlists from 5 – 6 pm
Live music begins at 6 pm


May 26 –
Music: Nico Barberan Band
Staff Curated Playlist by
Events Associate, Erika Segura (Relaxing, Soul)

May 27 –
Music: Jacob Acosta Trio

June 2 –
Music: Neon Prophet
6 PM – 7 PM
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Staff Curated Playlist by Marketing Communications Manager, Hailey Cheek (Backyard Bops)

June 3 –
Music: Desert Fish
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Manager, Taryn Smith (When in Doubt, Sing it Out!)

June 9 –
Music: Derdog / Harmony Punks
Staff Curated Playlist by Facilities Associate, Mike Cirillo (Soft and Smooth Jazz)

June 10 –
Music: Mindy Ronstadt and the One Bill Band
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Manager, Taryn Smith (When in Doubt, Sing it Out!)

June 16 –
Music: Desert Music Project
Staff Curated Playlist by Volunteer Coordinator, Kasey Fry (70s Boogie)

June 17 –
Music: DJ Humblelianess
DJ Set – NOT a live band
Staff Curated Playlist TBA
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Manager, Taryn Smith (Always Glow, Always GROW)

June 23 –
Music: Natalie Pohanic
Staff Curated Playlist by Assistant Curator/Collections Manager, Karen Hayes (Funky, Goovy, Fun)

June 24 –
Music: Brett Dooley Duo
Staff Curated Playlist by Gardens Associate, Shauna Smith (Chill Summer Nights)

June 30 –
Music: Freddy Jay Walker
Staff Curated Playlist by Accounting & Payroll Manager Denise Wiscount (Stop & Look Around Once in a While)


July 1 –
Music: Jillian and the Giants
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Associate Erika Segura (Poppin’ Jams)

July 7 –
Music: Sofia Rankin and the Sound
Staff Curated Playlist by Marketing Communications Manager, Hailey Cheek (Backyard Bops 2: Covers Edition)

July 8 –
Music: 10:30 Type
Staff Curated Playlist by Facilities Manager, Ryan Trimpe (Bluegrass Young ‘n’ Old)

July 14 –
Music: Tonight’s Sunshine
Staff Curated Playlist by Director of Finance, Nicolette Daly (Nic’s Picks – good beats, nice rhythms, great lyrics)

July 15 –
Music: Warren Fenzi
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Associate, Demetrius Vasquez (Groovy)

July 21 –
Music: Erick Grillo
Staff Curated Playlist by Gardener, Drew Kibler (Drew’s Mix)

July 22 –
Music: Naim Amor
Staff Curated Playlist by Executive Director, Jamie Maslyn Larson (Gen-X Summer)

July 28 –
Music: Steff and the Articles
Staff Curated Playlist by Propagation Manager, Hanna Blood (Summer Grooves)

July 29 –
Music: The Fox and the Sound
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Associate, Demetrius Vasquez (Jam Classics)


August 4 –
Music: Dos Suenos
Staff Curated Playlist by Philanthropy Associate Sylvia Verbais (Sylvia’s Mix)

August 5 –
Music: Olivia and the Interlopers
Staff Curated Playlist by Tohono Chul Docent & Master Gardener, Hank Verbais (Hank’s Mix)

August 11 –
Music: Birds and Arrows
Staff Curated Playlist by Facilities Manager Ryan Trimpe (Chillin with Chickens)

August 12 –
Music: Jamie & Mark
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Associate Erika Segura (Chillin Oldies)

August 18 –
Music: Sheryl Ann McKinely
Staff Curated Playlist TBA

August 19 –
Music: DJ Dan
DJ Set – NOT a live band
Staff Curated Playlist by Marketing and Communications Manager Hailey Cheek (Chill Indie Vibes)

August 25 –
Music: Connie Brannock
Staff Curated Playlist Membership Coordinator Doreen Wolf (Roadtrip ’23)

August 26 –
Music: Cochise County All-Stars
Staff Curated Playlist Senior Graphic Designer, Christine Scheer (A Hint of Floral Notes)

September 1
Music: Nico Barberan Band
Staff Curated Playlist by Events Associate, Demitrius Vasquez

September 2 –
Music: Figueroa Blues Band
Staff Curated Playlist by Director of Strategic Growth, Ethan Smith Cox (80’s Jams)

Thank you to Roux Events for helping us source such a wonderful lineup of bands and DJs! Roux Events is an event management company founded in Tucson, Arizona with a primary focus on supporting the growth of organizations and community leaders that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. 

Lex Gjurasic | Flower Mounds

Through September 2, 2023
Garden Pavilion
Open 5 – 9 PM on Friday and Saturdays in the Garden Pavilion

Artist Statement | Flower Mounds

Flower Mounds is a cohesive series of verdant, undulating, biomorphic work. The series is an expression of my own exuberance for life and a love letter to the natural world, borne of a coping mechanism from early adolescence. Flower Mounds offers an escape into soft, surreal landscapes: a safe place to land.

Flower Mounds explores notions of home, not only in its connection to childhood comforts, but also to traditional Slavic art’s reverence for botanicals, a nod to my roots as a first generation American. Throughout the creation of this series, I thought often of the delight and solace my Slavic foremothers took in floral motif embroidery on garments, decorating the walls of homes with painted botanicals, decorated eggs and traditional Croatian silver filigree jewelry during tremulous times. 

Flower Mounds incorporates a wide breadth of unconventional materials, using only what I had already at home—including everything from sample house paint to mortar to Styrofoam. My commitment to the safety of quarantine unwavering, I began hand-making paper when my supply of other viable surfaces dwindled. To do this, I used, among other tools, a child’s plastic pool.On delicate paper, I painted rolling hills carpeted with flowers.

In Flower Mounds I have painted the soft green mountains in the Land of Enchantment, the desolate Sonoran Desert bathed in its warm, soapy hues, and the fireworks show that is a Californian Super Bloom, a veritable explosion of glowing orange.

As the death toll of the pandemic grew over months and then years, so too did the meaning of this body of work. I began to see similarities between Flower Mounds and the burial mounds of various global cultures in. Painting mounds of Day-Glo blooms shaped like headstones, I created a new and sacred space for grieving loss. 

That joie de vivre manifested in Flower Mounds connects deeply to ritual, to nature, to the Queer virtue of radical happiness, and to celebration as a sacred act of grieving.

Click here to visit Lex Gjurasic’s Website.

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