Current Exhibitions

The Exhibits Program at Tohono Chul presents visual stories linking the nature, culture and arts of the Southwest. Focusing on the work of regional artists, we display vibrant works of art in a diverse array of thematic group exhibits. The charming adobe Exhibit House, built as a private home in 1937, is an ideal environment for visitors to view Southwestern artworks.

Please Note: All artwork purchased online can be picked up at the Exhibit House when Tohono Chul re-opens. If the artwork is to be shipped, it will be shipped when Tohono Chul re-opens.

Please feel free to contact James Schaub, Curator of Exhibitions, if you have any questions or concerns:

Exhibitions currently on display:

On The Desert | the Discovery and Invention of Color

Main Gallery

Color is everywhere ‘on the desert’, but, also under the desert, and over the desert. It is earth, plant, air.

Color, like the desert, is so many things: pigment, dye, organic, inorganic, natural, synthetic, primary, secondary, tertiary, monochromatic, complementary, analogous, achromatic, tint, value, hue, local, expressive, light, dark, symbolic, spectral, harmonious, discordant, aggressive, receding, etc.

ON THE DESERT: THE DISCOVERY AND INVENTION OF COLOR will move beyond the gray-scale and set the color wheel spinning across the desert; picking up, absorbing, and reflecting every color imaginable, discovering new color combinations, and inventing new theories on how color works in the desert southwest.

Image | Jim Waid | Along the Tanque Verde| acrylic on canvas

To view the exhibition, please click here

SLICES OF SONORA | David Windsor and Janet Windsor

Entry Gallery

The trees in the Sonora Desert often appear stunted and dead, their forms twisted, the bark black, flaking and peeling. In the winter when the leaves have dropped, they truly look lifeless. However, when you look inside, a world of beauty is revealed. David and Janet present the inside beauty in polished and turned wood and fabric abstractions. The natural world of our desert home is their inspiration and the source of their raw materials.

SLICES OF SONORA is the third exhibition of the 2019-2020 Entry Gallery Project Space; this is our third year of exhibition series that offers Arizona artists an intimate space for cohesive projects.

To view the exhibition, please click here

Featured Artist | Nicholas Bernard

Welcome Gallery

Colorful ceramic forms by Scottsdale ceramic artist Nicholas Bernard.

Cropped image | Nicholas Bernard

To view the exhibition, please click here

Art du Jour | William Lesch

Garden Bistro

Art du Jour features artwork by local and regional artists displayed throughout the dinning rooms of the Garden Bistro. The work of longtime Tucson artist, William Lesch is currently featured in the Bistro. Lesch is one of the region’s most recognized artists. He is an extraordinary photographer and a meticulous craftsman. He finds this world a miraculous place, and photography a means to explore it.

Art in the Gardens


Sculpture from Tohono Chul’s Permanent Collection including Mark Rossi, Fred Borcherdt, Kioko Mwitiki, David Weinert, Greg Corman, Ned Egan, along with work for sale by Tucson artists Joy Fox, Phil Lichtenhan, Tidhar Ozeri and more can be discovered throughout the gardens.

To view Sculpture in the Gardens, click here

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