Bloom Watch #1

May 24, 2023

The Queen is Coming

Chris Kibler, Gardens Manager at Tohono Chul, is watching the Queen of the Night cacti and measuring the flower buds at least twice a week now. Most of them are showing new growth thanks to the plentiful winter rains we received. As of today, Chris has found fifteen Peniocereus greggii flower buds; some others are too small to tell. Four of the buds are located right outside the Children’s Garden near the Desert View Trail.

The fuzzy white branch tips and buds are the telltale signs of new growth beginning. The Queen is waking up.

Aside from these night-blooming cereus buds, The North Loop is brimming with a vibrant spectrum of cactus blossoms. We highly advise taking a leisurely stroll while you await the arrival of The Queen!

Rain, surprise. 
Snowy fruit. 
Bathing in the scent. 
Beetles hide in prickly pear blossoms,  
Goldfinch gather chia seeds. 
Quails hurry, lizards lounge. 
The Queen stretches; her white hair begins to grow.

By Tracey Till, Propagation Associate

We are estimating about 4 to 6 weeks away from the big night! 
Stay tuned for weekly updates.

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