Bloom Watch #5

June 30, 2022

There’s A First Time For Everything

As is her sovereign nature, 20 of the Queen’s blossoms bloomed this past Saturday night with the last two following suit Sunday night. Unfortunately, after months of watching and measuring, we were not able to tell the mass blooming was imminent until it was too late to call it for an in-person Bloom Night. We apologize we were not able to share the Queen with all of you. We have a deep respect for these mysterious plants and for all who have closely observed them over the years.

“I am very disappointed, to say the least. But I’m trying to think of the positives. I can only hope the pollinators took full advantage of the quiet night to do their ‘magic’ of pollinating our blooms, so that we may have seed for the next generation of Tohono Chul Queens.” -Shauna Smith, Gardener of Tohono Chul.

We are sharing what we captured of the big bloom on camera. Check out Tohono Chul’s Instagram and Facebook pages for photos as well as to access our first Instagram Live Bloom Night video recorded on Sunday, June 26th.

Community members have shared their own bloom nights with us as they watched blossoms unfurl in yards and parks.

courtesy of Flora Yee
courtesy of John Williams at Arthur Pack Regional Park
courtesy of Gene Lauer
courtesy of Gene Lauer

May the monsoon bring you some rain this year!

— Tracey Till, Retail Greenhouse & Propagation Associate, Tohono Chul

Please enjoy the video below featuring our Executive Director, Jamie Maslyn Larson, as she shares the last Queens of the season.