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Reception with the Artists
Thursday, May 16, 2024
5:30 – 8 pm | Exhibit House

-Reception is FREE and Open to the Public-

Meet the artists, mingle with the community, enjoy a musical performance by Gamelan Dewi Malam, and grab a drink from the Garden Bistro Bar!

Main Gallery

THE EXOTIC SUBLIME treading softly will present a contemporary bestiary focused on the many creatures that walk above or live below the earth in the Sonoran Desert. In plain sight or elusive, real and imagined creatures are ever-present, existing, threatened, mysterious, endangered, mystical, and magical. Or extinct. Mammalian, reptilian, amphibian, aquatic, and arthropodous worlds walk, hop, slither, swim, crawl, creep, and bound around us; resilient lifecycles adaptably ever-changing. Or not. We witness – in macrocosm or microcosm – the effects of time in slow dissolution or methodical accretion; cautionary and symbiotic tales combine what this place used to be with what this place will become. The voice in between, the creative and artistic resolve, is a visionary current toward the odd and wondrous grandeur of The Exotic Sublime.


10 x 10 :  A FUNDRAISER
Entry Gallery

10 x 10 is an invitational exhibition with the many artists who make Tohono Chul’s galleries such a unique experience. 10 x 10 features a wide range of sculpture and paintings, prints, photographs, and mixed media works no larger than 10 inches in any dimension. Each artwork is priced at $100 and can be taken home immediately upon purchase. Artwork on display will change periodically over the course of the exhibition, with new works constantly being revealed. 50% of all sales from 10 x 10 | A Fundraiser fund programs at Tohono Chul.


Selections from The Roy J. Kurtz Collection of American Indian Art in the Welcome Gallery.