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The Exotic Sublime | Treading Softly

May 16 – August 5, 2024

THE EXOTIC SUBLIME: treading softly presents a contemporary bestiary focused on the many creatures that walk above or live below the earth in the Sonoran Desert. In plain sight or elusive, real and imagined creatures are ever-present, existing, threatened, mysterious, endangered, mystical, and magical. Or extinct. Mammalian, reptilian, amphibian, aquatic, and arthropodous worlds walk, hop, slither, swim, crawl, creep, and bound around us; resilient lifecycles adaptably ever-changing. Or not. We witness – in macrocosm or microcosm – the effects of time in slow dissolution or methodical accretion; cautionary and symbiotic tales combine what this place used to be with what this place will become. The voice in between, the creative and artistic resolve, is a visionary current toward the odd and wondrous grandeur of The Exotic Sublime.

Exhibiting artists: Jo Andersen, Tina Baker, Karen Bell, Sue Bergman, Barbara Jo Borch, Pamela Bosch, Alexander Brauer, Veta Carney, Daniel Cheek, Shari Coia, Katie Cooper, Craig Cully, Ann Dahlgren, Nathen Danforth, Pat Frederick, Bruce Fulton, Art Ramon Garcia, Zach Gordon, David Griffin, Ulli Hain, Charles Hedgcock, Brian Hooker, Helen Kennedy, Samantha Kolb, Scott Larson, William Lesch, Mark Mahaffey, John McNulty, Melanie McPherson, Lydia Miszuk, Terry Moss & Ric Maledón, Rafael Navarro, Cyndy Padilla, Angela Puffer, Lyle Rayfield, Robert Renfrow, Mark Rossi, Dana Smith, Susan Thompson, Gavin Hugh Troy, Bekah Unsworth, John Weitfeldt

Image clockwise from upper left(cropped): Craig Cully, Dana Smith, Cyndy Padilla, Bruce Fulton

The exotic sublime treading softly tohono chul

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