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November 17 – February 8, 2023

Curator’s Talk | Thursday, December 1 | 10:00am | FREE with Admission

WATER is the fourth and final exhibition in the series, The ELEMENTS. The series investigates how artists utilize the elements of earth, air, fire, and water as medium, process, and subject. And how, when seen as a subject, these elements reflect some of the social, economic, political, and environmental issues Arizona currently faces.

WATER is here. EARTH, AIR and FIRE have come and gone.

The crux of each installment is to contemplate human presence and responsibility (or lack of); move toward, hover, and dig at the intersection of art and science, all the while remaining focused on medium, process, and subject; never losing sight of the beauty, wonder, and essence before you.

Approximately 70 pieces of art by 44 artists including:

Jo Andersen, Maria Arvayo, Julia Arriola, Tom Baumgartner, Barbara Jo, Janet Burner, Troy Cammack, Lauren Cammack, Hoge Day, Rick DeMont, Elaine Dow, Linda Ekstrum, Steve Grater, David Griffin, Lyn Hart, V. Highton, Tracy Ann Holmes, Brian Hooker, Kate Hoover, Patrick Hynes, Katie Iverson, Jerry Jacobson, Erinn Kennedy, William Lesch, Susan Lyman, Michael Mason, John Messing, Jaya Miller, Anne Muñoz, Anushka Peres, Len Poliandro, Alexandra Queen, Lyle Rayfield, Susie Qashi, Marian Sutch Qashu, Tamara Scott-Anderson, Mark Thaler, Kathleen Velo, Paul Waid, Greta Ward, Beata Wehr, Frank Redell Wicks, Karen Wright, and Dennis Wunsch

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