Photo Credit: Jeremy Hayes

Lucy’s Warbler Nestbox Project

February 12, 2019

We are very lucky to be living in the center of Lucy’s Warblers’ breeding range. These tiny, shy, gray birds are the only cavity-nesting warblers in Arizona and the only ones nesting in low elevation Sonoran Desert, likely because of their fondness for native mesquite trees. With the decline of mesquite bosques, their natural habitat, Tucson Audubon determined to find out what kind of nestbox Lucy’s would prefer and the triangle box with two openings was the clear winner! Best in native mesquites – velvet, honey or screwbean – Lucy’s may also take to an ironwood or palo verde if there are mesquites in the vicinity. Box owners are asked to register their locations with Tucson Audubon and keep them apprised of nesting activity. We’re installing several on the grounds. Won’t you invite a Lucy’s into your yard?

Lucy’s Warbler Nestbox For Sale in the Shops





Read Tucson Audubon’s full publication here.