A Guide to Southern Arizona Bird Nests & Eggs


Explore the avian wonders of Southern Arizona with “A Guide to Southern Arizona Bird Nests & Eggs,” a must-have book available on Tohono Chul’s online store. This comprehensive guide is tailored for birders, naturalists, and visitors to the region, offering insights into the intricate world of desert nests in this renowned birding hot-spot. Each entry features details on Nest Shape and Material, Habitat and Location, Eggs, Possible Builder, Natural History, Diet and Feeding, and Similar Nests. A nesting dates chart and glossary further enhance the reader’s experience. Recognized as one of the “Southwest Books of the Year 2001,” this guide is an indispensable resource for those eager to delve into the fascinating realm of Southern Arizona’s bird life. Order now to enrich your birding adventures with a deeper understanding of nests and eggs in the desert landscape.