Nature Journaling for a Wild Life


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with nature through “Nature Journaling for a Wild Life,” a captivating addition to the Finding Yourself In Nature: The Wild Workshop Series by Rosann Hanson. Immerse yourself in an eight-week, self-guided “workshop in a book” designed to nurture your love for the desert landscapes of Tohono Chul. Experience the therapeutic benefits of journaling as it deepens your understanding and appreciation of the natural world, providing a remedy for our digitally fragmented minds. Learn the art of drawing for understanding, emphasizing “drawing to learn” rather than “learning to draw.” Unleash your sketching skills and witness remarkable improvement. This unique book offers practical insights to break free from distraction, practice mindfulness, enhance well-being, and overcome your inner critic. With features like blank journal pages, quality metal spiral binding, and weekly assignments, “Nature Journaling for a Wild Life” is your guide to a more connected and enriched life in nature.