O’odham Lifeways Through Art


Discover the rich tapestry of O’odham lifeways through the captivating artwork of internationally acclaimed O’odham artist Michael Chiago Sr. In “O’odham Lifeways Through Art,” a collaboration with ethnobiologist Amadeo M. Rea, this unique book serves as a vital resource for cultural understanding and preservation. Through a joint effort in seeing, the artist’s paintings are accompanied by insightful text that delves into the intricate details of O’odham culture. This beautifully crafted work explores how the artist interprets his heritage through art, offering a visual journey into the Sonoran Desert environment, the art of gathering local foods, cooking meals, engaging in ceremonies, dances, and much more. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and meaningful depictions of O’odham lifeways, making this book an essential addition to your collection and a testament to the cultural richness of Tohono Chul. Available now at Tohono Chul’s online store.