Bloom Watch #3

June 9, 2023

The Queen’s Court

On the Desert View Trail, the Peniocereus greggii flower buds are stalling growth as the dry heat of June arrives.

On the other side of the garden, the Queen’s Court is growing flower buds! Gardens Manager, Chris Kibler, says a few weeks ago they had no signs of buds and was pleasantly surprised this week. They were recently moved to a new, brighter location at the Overlook and are starting to put on good growth in response!

The Queen’s Court is comprised of several mature Penoicereus of various species that are native to regions of Mexico, Central America, and South America that showcase the diversity of the genus. We will be watching them closely over the next few weeks for blooms.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Last June of 2022, we shared in Bloom Watch #4 that our propagation nursery had planted Peniocereus greggii seeds which had germinated and were little seedlings. We’re happy to report they have grown a lot since then! We counted 236 that our propagation volunteers have lovingly planted, tended, and transplanted.

The smallest of those plants are in 2 ½ inch wide pots and the oldest batch is in quart-sized pots. They’ll need to continue to grow before they’ll be ready to plant in the ground or offer to the public, so they won’t be ready this year. We’ll wait till they’ve been able to store more energy in their starchy underground tubers. If a woodrat comes by for a munch or the rains come late, they’ll have a chance of persisting.

By Tracey Till, Propagation Associate

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