Bloom Watch #3 – Will Rain Make Her Bloom?

June 20, 2018

On June 3, Plant #64 let two of her flowers go. This is the same plant that went first last year with two flowers on May 19. The rest of her flowers remain in stall status. It will be interesting to see if they will push off stall, if and when the rain really does come this weekend. If so, the big night may come seven to ten days afterwards. Stay tuned.

The Queen has seen fit to abort ten more buds since last week. I did see some fuzzies yesterday, but don’t really believe they will produce. She may have a different plan as she frequently does, especially if it serves to frustrate me. We’ll see.

I always enjoy receiving pictures from you of your bloomed Queens. Please keep sending them our way! Jesse Byrd from the Pima County Native Plant Nursery has had four bloom in their collection already. They have also lost several buds, but still have more to come.

As for the Queen’s Court, the P. tepalcatepecanus has produced two more buds that will more than likely go in the next few days. The rest of the P. fosterianus and P. oaxacensis are still in a holding pattern. I told you in the last blog that the P. serpentinus in the pot had three buds which then bloomed on June 10. The plant in the ground decided to make a liar out of me and produced four more buds over the weekend.

I’m checking every day now and will let you know as soon as the Queen decides to make her big appearance.

Until Next Time – Lee Mason, Director of General Services, Tohono Chul