Bloom Watch #2 – Slow, but Steady

June 6, 2019

This week has been overall pretty slow. There have been a few new buds and a few that gave up and went away. This is normal for her and she will continue with this for the next week or two. On Saturday, June 1 we had one flower. She hit stall size last Wednesday and never bothered to slow down. I have heard that there are other early blooms out there and I would like to see the pictures, so please send them my way along with the date of bloom.  Although it seems early, we did have two flowers on June 3 last year. Yesterday there were a moderate number in stall status, but most range in size from fuzz balls to small. Only time will tell if the Queen will hold these stalls or accelerate to bloom.

With the warm weather most of the plants have started to grow and with luck I can keep the rodents away from them. I am replacing a few plants that didn’t make it for one reason or another.

In the Queen’s Court the P. fosterianus, P. cuixmalensis, and P. oaxacensis buds continue to grow and with a little luck will bloom on the same night so everyone can see them. It doesn’t generally happen, but I always hope.

When the Queen does choose to show her glory remember to bring a flash light and closed-toe shoes. The trails are marked with luminarias, and only this year we are using solar lights instead of candles or oil lamps. Each plant with a flower will also be marked with a different colored bag. The Garden Bistro will have refreshments available and I will let you know what that will consist of as we get closer. All in all it will be a fun night as always.


Until Next Time – Lee Mason, Director of General Services, Tohono Chul