Bloom Watch #3 – A Few Bloomed Too Soon

June 6, 2017

Sorry for the delay in this update I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger. I have however been making daily checks on the Queen and she is up to her old tricks.

Since my last update there have been 7 flowers and will likely be 2 more within the next week. The ones I told you were at stall size last time never stalled, but just went straight to bloom. It has been a while since I have seen that, but she did it because I wasn’t checking every day and wanted to get me. I caught her and have been checking every day since and now she is behaving herself. There are a bunch of buds in stall status and quite a few small ones left to go. Hope the stalls just wait for the smalls.

I’ve been watching the P. fosterianus and the P. tepalcatepecanus for their bloom, but both are still holding. The buds on both of those are very slow growing and because this will be the first bloom of the P. fosterianus for me I’m not sure how big they will get. I did notice last Friday that the P. oaxacensis is starting to bud up. This will be another first timer for me. Maybe they will hold for Bloom Night.

You will hear from me next week unless something really unexpected happens. I don’t believe they can get there before next week even if they start now.

Until Next Time – Lee Mason, Director of General Services, Tohono Chul