Bloom Watch #4 – She Is On The Move

July 12, 2019

The Queen has decided to push to bloom! This morning the majority of the buds were between 60 and 80 mm. What does this mean? Well, what it means to me is my agony is drawing to an end and it is time to put out the luminarias, charge the solar lights, and prep the trails. For you it means the wait is almost over and it is time to get your walking shoes ready and make sure your flashlights have good batteries. My best guess is that it will be over by this weekend or early next week. As you know, I won’t give an exact day because every time I try to predict the exact day in advance she does something different to make me wrong, so standby. I will let you know as soon as she lets me know the day.

Peniocereus fosterianus
Peniocereus cuixmalensis

Last blog there were about nine flowers on June 22 and three on June 23. Out of those twelve flowers, nine were pollinated which you’ll be able to see their fruits when you’re here on Bloom Night. Since then, The Queen aborted three more flowers.

However, she also decided to make fourteen more buds! This is the latest I have ever seen new buds form.

Several will go with the rest on Bloom Night, whereas some will go later, and some won’t make it.

Peniocereus oaxacensis
Peniocereus greggii

In the Queens Court, the P. cuixmalensis, P. oaxacensis, and P. fosterianus are also on the move. Maybe someone will decide to go on Bloom Night. 

Don’t forget the Garden Bistro will be hosting dinner with last reservations at 7 p.m., but they will also be in the gardens with frozen treats and cool refreshments throughout the night.

Until Next Time – Lee Mason, Director of General Services, Tohono Chul