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Join TC Chicago for an evening of delicious full moon sound healing and relaxation.  The session will begin with a short meditation to ground mind and body. TC will then lead you into a state of transformative bliss by bathing you in the calming frequencies and harmonic resonance of her crystal singing vessels which are tuned to the 7 chakras. You will spend 45 minutes floating in and out of that sweet meditative state of consciousness that exists between wakefulness and sleep. Or you may just feel so relaxed that you fall asleep completely! All that exists carries a vibrational frequency. Sound Bath healing modalities realign the body’s vibration, harmonizing your energetic field to a new space of peace.  Sound Therapy and Vibrational healing is power in a unique way. This experience has been honored throughout time for its organic, non-electric overtone laden sound. Manifest a new reality with vibrational frequency by your side. This 60-minute session is equipped with amazing opportunities for transformational energy with different tones and frequencies. This therapy is designed to support those who desire a higher good for themselves involving venerable sound practices.  Please arrive between 7:45 and 8:00pm to get settled in. Students must pay instructor directly PRIOR to the day of the event.



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