Gallery Art – Royce Davenport – Western Star – Route 66


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1 in stock

Artist: Royce Davenport
Title: Western Star – Route 66
Medium: mixed media
Size: coming soon

In an ancient time, three wise men followed a star in the eastern sky to a place of warmth, comfort and joy. And so began a story that has lived to be told and retold over the centuries.

Legend speaks of another star in a time and place closer to our own. It is said that in the American West, many a cowboy returning home from some far ranging cattle drive, relied on a point of light in the western heavens as a guide. With time, the bright star that offered direction to those navigating the vast expanse of the desert sea became a symbol for others waiting in hope as well. Today, the seasonal presence of the Western Star in the home continues a tradition of the same hope and welcoming of warmth, comfort and joy.