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Calling Tempe home, artist Jerry Jacobson is fascinated by something most of us want to be rid of – rust. “In the mid 1990’s I began to fill glass jars with metal objects, salt and water as a means of breeding rust for use as pigment in paintings and drawings. Over time, as the “rust farms” quietly performed the work of contained corrosive decay, I recognized the potential of the vessels themselves as objects of further interest and purpose. Glass and other found items were added to aesthetically enhance the work during the transformation of the natural materials. As drawings and other works are created from the contents of the Rust Farms, the jars are rebuilt and the elements recycled. The Rust Farms project reflects my continued interest in subjects as diverse as the reuse and re-imagining of materials, automatic drawing, alchemy, science, and natural and unnatural processes.”

ink on paper

Size: 11” x 9”

Item: A108

Artist: Jerry Jacobson