Climate Action BINGO

Tohono Chul Staff Edition


Climate Action Bingo is a game where players try to complete one row, two rows, or all 24 items on their bingo card for a chance to win prizes! The game is focused on big and small actions that encourage players to learn about and practice sustainable actions. Tohono Chul wants to reward you for making new habits that are good for the planet and for our community! 


  • Each player will receive a bingo card at the Staff Meeting on April 6th with 24 items related to climate action. These items could include actions like using a reusable water bottle, taking public transportation, or composting. (If you did not receive a card, missed the meeting, or need a new card, please visit the lovely ladies in the marketing office and we will give you one!
  • Players can mark off items on their BINGO card that they have already completed or are already implementing in their lives. This allows players to start the game with an advantage and encourages them to continue their sustainable actions!


  • Complete a single row of five items horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for a chance to win prize #1
  • Complete two rows of five items in a row for a chance to win prize #2
  • Complete all 24 items on their card for a chance to win prize #3
  • Bring your completed BINGO card to the All Staff Meeting on May 4th to turn it in. If you won’t be at the All Staff Meeting, you can turn your card into Frank or Sylvia in the Philanthropy office.


  • Prize #1 for Climate Action Bingo is an entire paid day off — a total of eight hours! The winner can spend the day however they choose. Perhaps you go for a hike, work in your garden, or spend time with friends. Get in a habit of rewarding yourself after meeting a goal!   
  • Prize #2 for Climate Action Bingo is an entire paid day off — a total of eight hours, and a $100 gift card to our Garden Bistro (includes a reservation). Our Garden Bistro is known for its delicious, locally sourced cuisine that celebrates the flavors of the Sonoran Desert. The menu features mouth-watering dishes such as Blueberry French Toast, Chicken & Waffles, or a Sonoran Sunrise Omelet. 
  • Prize #3 for Climate Action Bingo is truly an outdoor lover’s dream! The lucky winner will receive an entire paid day off — a total of eight hours to spend however they please, as well as an adventure kit worth $250 that’s packed full of everything they’ll need to embark to truly connect with nature. This adventure kit includes a year pass to both Arizona State and National Parks, allowing the winner to explore some of the most stunning natural wonders in the country at their leisure. Imagine hiking through the majestic Grand Canyon, strolling through the peaceful desert landscapes of Saguaro National Park, or marveling at the otherworldly beauty of Petrified Forest National Park — all for free with your year pass!