Bloom Watch #4 – On The Move

June 25, 2021

Please note Bloom Night this year is a MEMBERS ONLY event and has new hours from 6 to 10 p.m.
The morning after Bloom Night (TBD) is also available only to members and opens at 6:30 a.m. for the chance to see the blooms before they fade. Become a member here.

This morning The Queen is moving. She is showing flower bud growth, perhaps in response to the weather changes? Leith Young our Propagation Greenhouse Manager and Pima County Nursery Manager Amy Belk are keeping a close watch on the blooms in order to let us know when the moment is nigh.

A Monsoon Poem, by Tracey Till

Rain falls and hot steam rises from a clay teacup of creosote and bursage leaves. The vapor floats to our noses. Dragonflies frolic and millipedes sip from droplets. Reptiles stretch out to catch the soft rain with their bodies. Rumbling thunder like a temple gong finally breaking its silence.

Pitter patter. Pop.

Fruits swell.

Now the desert smells like fruit pie. The scent of fallen saguaro fruits on the warm desert floor is lifted into the air as the doves enjoy a feast at their high tables.

Draped in mist, the foothills play their flutes as a banner arches through the sky.

The Queen takes a sip.

– Tracey Till
Propagation & Greenhouse Associate